Why Website Updates Are Important

Anyone who has handled a website site long enough knows that updating one is not a simple affair.  Although some clients feel comfortable updating their own websites but most times they leave it to the professionals. 
Updates are known to break websites. Once a website breaks, you need to get it up and running as soon as possible. Delay can lead to other catastrophes. Visitors who come to your site would immediately leave. Your revenue collection will take a hit. Google will learn that something is wrong with your site and your ranking will begin to fall.

Importance Of Website Updates
Updates are a new version of software that replaces the old one to improve performance, add new features, and fix bugs or security issues. WordPress core as well as plugins and themes get updates on a regular basis too.
Many clients ask if the current version is functioning fine, why do I need to bother updating it?
While you can leave your site alone and think everything is running fine, you’re setting yourself up for much bigger problems – and this isn’t just a sales pitch to scare you into paying for our maintenance service. Developers constantly enhance their software to improve existing features and add new ones. Just like Microsoft and Apple update their programs and software often to keep it functioning at max capacity while also patching security flaws.
If there is a security flaw present, this leaves your site vulnerable to hackers. If the developer finds the flaw, they patch it and release an update.
Every update serves a purpose and it helps your website one way or the other.
DID YOU KNOW??  49% of infected websites are found to be outdated.
Types of updates and fixes needed that we provide:
Security Updates & Fixes
When bugs and security flaws are found in the WordPress software, the core WordPress team then springs into action to fix these issues. They release an updated version of the WordPress core software. Once you install the update, your website is patched.
Like the WordPress core, plugins and themes also develop security issues. When developers learn about them, they release security fixes for their software.
New Features
When new features are added to the WordPress core, they release what is called a major update. The core team is always working on introducing new features that improve the user’s experience, apart from improving the existing ones! The same applies to themes and plugins as well.
When an update is available, there is a possibility that it might break the website. Many times clients wonder: Since all elements are working well with each other, why fix what isn’t broken? But the longer you wait, the more incompatibility issues you’re bound to face.
A lot of times, developers of themes and plugins usually coordinate their updates with major WordPress updates. This helps them ensure their plugin remains compatible with the updated core.  If you don’t have your website updated regularly then you fall further and further behind which increases your risk of breaking your website.
Developers sometimes release updates to improve the performance and speed of their software. This, in turn, will help improve the performance of your site.