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Kinsey Stockmann

Kinsey Stockmann

Though her chief ambition is to one day be the next J.K. Rowling, and hoping to hit the bestseller list soon, Kinsey pays the bills right now keeping the office ducks in a row. 
(Although we don’t have ducks and they aren’t in a row.  We have squirrels and they’re at a rage!) 
She is a soldier in the Army National Guard and those skills have trained her well for wrestling payments out of clients who are delinquent on their accounts.
She might be the boss’ daughter but that certainly doesn’t earn her any perks – she’s in charge of most of the janitorial chores and especially the toilet cleaning.  
Kinsey at Disney
Disney Fan:
When I was little my favorite Disney Princess was Sleeping Beauty.  Now I channel her spirit because I live for taking naps!
I’m obsessed with NCIS and anytime I’m staring at my phone I’m probably catching up on the next season. Thanks to my TV besties I know exactly what to do in the event of stumbling across a dead body while jogging. 
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Food with Friends

I spend a lot of time eating out with friends. My favorite go to's are Chinese and Mexican and I probably eat at those 2 restaurants a minimum of 5 times a week. My dining budget is almost as much as my horse expenses. Does that mean I eat like a horse??



It took a full year, and lots of frustration and rewrites, but I've written my first book and working on my next. It is not published, and is under some tweaking at the suggestion of editors who already like the book but want me to add some life experience to it.


A horse Named Rooster

I prefer to relax and unwind with my little beastie, Rooster. We often go to competitions and aim to win prizes but my time is spent parenting a very needy, very hungry, and very affectionate horse.