What Each Color Says About Your Business

Let’s learn about something new today… color psychology! What is it you ask? Color psychology is the study of colors in relation to human behavior. It helps to determine how colors may affect our daily decisions, like the things we purchase. Colors have certain meanings that may impact why we prefer certain colors over others. When it comes to marketing and your brand, choosing the correct color is SO important. The right color will enhance your brand’s perception, while the wrong color can do major damage to your brand image. Let’s take a look at these colors and what they mean…



Red is the universal symbol of passion, anger, love, romance and warmth. Red can also denote danger and warning.



Orange welcomes feelings of energy, excitement, playfulness 



Yellow evokes feelings of cheerfulness, happiness, positivity and friendliness, but on the other hand can also indicate warning and deceit. 



Pink revolves around femininity, immaturity, love and playfulness.



Green is connected to nature and money, so it symbolizes growth, fertility, wealth and health. 



Blue is commonly tied to the sea and sky, bringing on feelings of loyalty, calmness, peace and stability.



Purple is connected to power, luxury, wisdom and nobility. 



White shines with feelings of innocence, cleanliness, purity, youth and humility. 



Black showcases luxury, intelligence, strength, mystery and sophistication, but can also evoke emotions like anger and sadness.



Gray represents neutrality and balance, welcoming feelings of timelessness, mystery, practicality and efficiency. 



Brown, being a very earthly color, is connected to nature, reliability, comfort and security. 


Now that you have a sense of what each color means and how they could potentially represent your brand, it’s time to apply them to your business. Think about how you want clients to view and think of your brand, and choose colors that best align with those thoughts. And don’t forget, it is totally okay to break these rules and do something outside of the norm. Who knows, it may set you apart from others in your industry and help you stand tall above the rest!