The Secrets of Google's Algorithm

The Secrets of Google’s Algorithm

Think about the last time you googled something..anything.. You didn’t click past the first page of results, did you? Your potential customers are doing the same thing, clicking on the first page of results. Hopefully this opens your eyes to the importance of Google rankings.

Google uses many factors when determining what results will be most helpful for the user. Google is trying to guess the user’s intent and then tailors the results to what it believes will be most helpful. Over time, Google’s algorithms have adapted to and identified the user’s search intent. These are broken down into four main types of searches:

  • Know queries – wanting information about something
  • Do queries – wanting to take action
  • Website queries – looking for a specific webpage
  • Visit-in-person queries – wanting to locate a physical address


While these are very effective for desktop searches, mobile searches become even more specific to the user’s needs. Mobile device Google searches rely on micro-moments for immediate needs. These micro-moments are broken down as:

  • Know
  • Go
  • Do
  • Buy


These are searches in which you need immediate results because you have an intention to do either of the four above.

Now how exactly can you tailor your business to be in Google searches? SEO!!! That is search engine optimization, in case you didn’t already know. Knowing exactly how Google pulls in results, you can tailor your SEO strategy by matching your content through keywords. You want to match your potential customer’s most common intent when searching for that keyword. For example, if you search for the keyword “roofing”, your Google results will be flooded with local roofers in the area. This shows that Google’s data has shown that the intent for this search is mainly for people who need a roofer to help fix an issue. When writing your SEO keywords and descriptions, you must keep in mind users’ search intent and Google’s other ranking factors. Tailoring your SEO to match searches revolving around KNOW, GO, DO, BUY, WEBSITE and LOCATION will help you become a first-page Google result.

While SEO is essential for a high Google ranking, these factors also play a huge role in where you land on the page:

  • Secured sites (https vs. http)
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Page speed
  • Schema markup
  • Webpage content quality
  • Webpage content length
  • Social and local signals
  • Quality backlinks
  • Optimized images
  • Domain age¹

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