Facebook for Small Business

The Importance of Facebook for Small Business

Running a small business takes a lot of time, energy and hard work. While you take into account all the most important aspects of your business, you may question the need for a Facebook business page. The answer is yes, you most definitely need a dedicated business page on the most popular social networking platform. Here’s why your Facebook presence is so important for your small business:

Learn About Your Target Audience

Having a Facebook business pages opens up a whole new way to directly communicate with your target audience. When someone “likes” your page, they are aware of your business and want to learn more about it. They are expecting to receive useful and relevant information from your page, and on the other hand, you can be collecting useful information through their participation. By having a business page, you will also be able to access Facebook Insights. These insights provide data about how your fans connect with your page through their interaction, comments and feedback.

Increase Web Traffic

Want to know one of the smartest ways to utilize your Facebook business page? Drive traffic to your website. If you’re only receiving engagement on your posts and not sending them to your website…you’re not marketing, you’re simply entertaining. Posting links to your business website is essential when it comes to any Facebook content strategy. Facebook makes link posts look very sophisticated with their attention-grabbing wider images that connect to the link (if your website makes one available).  These images are more likely to get clicked on, and then the user ends up on your website and will have a greater chance of engaging with or purchasing from your actual business website, not just your Facebook page.

Humanize Your Business

You want to have a personable relationship with your customers, and your Facebook business page lets you do that by giving you the opportunity to create your brand’s personality. It also allows you to show the human side of your business through Facebook messenger (direct messages from your page to your clients, and vice versa). Even if you choose to automate your postings on your page through the post scheduler, you are still giving your business the “human relationship” consumers want and trust through personable posts.

Build Brand Loyalty

Facebook helps you build your very own community around your brand. All you need to do is consistently provide valuable and relevant content for your followers. A great way to grow this online community? Promotional campaigns and contests through your page offering incentives. If your fans see you being active and responsive they will be more likely to do business with you over a competitor who is not active on Facebook.

Boost SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a HUGE part of your business online. Having a Facebook page for your business can help you in your SEO efforts as well. All the links and posts on your business page are indexed by search engines. Make sure you keep your content consistent and relevant to help boost your SEO and help you get found better.

Compete With Your Competitors

Not convinced you need a Facebook page for your business? Well, odds are that your competition is using one, and using it well. The business world is intense and aggressive, make sure you’re staying ahead or at least alongside your competition.

Stay In Front of Your Customers Daily

Most Facebook users are on it every single day, or even multiple times a day. This proves why you need to be regularly posting on your Facebook business page. Whether it is sharing links or videos, updating your status or having fun promotions, you want to be constantly connecting with your customers online. This provides your business with brand awareness when your customers and target audience are consistently seeing your content while they scroll.

Save Money

While all of these are great reasons as to why a Facebook page for your business is a must, the easiest thing about it is… saving money! Who doesn’t want to save money on their marketing efforts? It costs nothing to promote your business on your page. Your current and potential customers are already on Facebook, so what are you waiting for; create your business Facebook page today!

Need help creating your business’ page or just not sure what you should post? Give us a call at TechKnow Solutions. We create content for clients’ Facebook pages daily. Whether you just need a consultation to get the ball rolling and want to post yourself, or if you want us to take social posting off your hands – we can do either! Let us know how we can help make sure your business is thriving on Facebook! Call us at (618) 526-1600.