Say Goodbye to Boring Web Page Titles

Say Goodbye to Boring Web Page Titles

Branding: one of the most important aspects of your business. Branding includes logos, fonts, colors, language, and so much more… but it also can include your personality. Your business’s personality can be portrayed through basically any part of your branding, but I bet you didn’t realize the names of your website’s pages can also showcase the unique personality of your business! Millions of people view business websites multiple times a day, whether it’s a clothing store website, restaurant website, or even a local park’s website, viewers are looking for whatever they need to find. When visiting these websites, it is very important for the website to offer easy navigation based on their menu and web page titles. Visitors are used to seeing pages such as About, Contact, Blog, Testimonials, etc., but have you ever thought about bringing your brand personality into these web pages? Maybe it’s time to have a little fun and say goodbye to the over-used, boring page titles!

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of alternative web page titles for your usual web pages along with tips on which titles should be kept simple and basic.


You’re better off leaving home to be simple and standard. This ensures clients will always know where to go if they do get lost on your website. Remember, “There’s no place like home!”


The About page… the page where you take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to potential customers. Before you go crazy on choosing a fun, out of the box page title, think about what it is you are selling to these visitors. Are you a subject matter expert selling your knowledge and expertise? Try titles like: The Company, Meet the Experts, Who is (Company Name)?. Perhaps you’re selling to a softer audience, so one of these might appeal more to your audience: Meet the Team, Our Story, Who We Are, Team, Our People. In the end, pick whatever title feels more inline with the rest of your brand and overall personality.


Not all websites have a blog, so if you don’t, feel free to scroll past. Unless you want to create a blog so you can use one of these cool page titles! Instead of using the usual “Blog” title, try one of these: News, Alerts,Tips, Helpful Information, Thoughts, (Company or Product/Service) Reports. But hey, the word Blog works, too, if you’re looking to keep it casual.


Now this is where the fun of web page titles really begins. Your contact page is how your website visitors find your information to get in touch with you. Make sure you have a page title that compels them to want to get in touch with you. Try one of these for your business: Connect, Ask a Question, Work With Us, Get In Touch or Drop Us A Line.


You’re probably already aware of how crucial testimonials are to your business, so of course you want to show them off on your website. While most websites just sprinkle them throughout different webpages, maybe you want to showcase all your amazing reviews on a page of their own. If so, try these appealing web page titles: Shout Outs, Client Love, Recommendations, Reviews, Our Fans, What Customers are Saying or Buzz.


Ah, the page full of answers to questions you get asked too many times to count. So many times that you actually created a page dedicated to helping your customers! This page needs to direct web visitors to where they can learn all the things about your business or product/service. Try one of these page titles to help visitors navigate your site in an easy manner: Answers, Questions, Ask Us, Help, More Info,Quick Facts, Knowledge, Common Questions or Help.You can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

Now you have some options for bringing a little more personalization to your business website. Remember, while a lot of these titles may seem fun and unique, be sure to choose one that represents your brand’s personality and your target audience. Happy web page title naming!