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Chief Napping Officer

Kloe Stockmann


The employer at Kloe’s last job didn’t appreciate her to the fullest so TechKnow’s CEO and family rescued her from that life and brought her onboard full-time 8 years ago.  Now, she’s responsible for morale and some HR responsibilities at the company.  She’s the official greeter and makes sure to check in with each employee regularly and sometimes multiple times a day.  She sometimes doubles as a project manager ensuring that Michell gets her work done in a timely manner.
Beach Baby:
My favorite place to relax is poolside in the summer and fireside in the winter.   
I love napping.  Napping and snuggling is my favorite! 
Kloe loves to nap

Family Tree

My dad was part cat which is why I spend a minimum of 18 hours a day napping.



When any of my family comes home and calls me. I just love my family...and the sound of my name.


humans are weird

What I think my human does all day: Leaves me in the office for hours at a time; stares at a screen and talks to herself with plugs in her ears.