Creating Your brand Guidelines

Creating Your Brand Guidelines

Think about your business’s brand… Does it have these core components:

  • Mission – why does your company exist?
  • Vision  where do you want your brand to go?
  • Target Audience  who are your customers?
  • Brand Personality  what adjectives describe your brand?
  • Core Values – what are your guiding principles for company decisions and actions?

Yes? Great, looks like you’re ready to truly establish your brand. Brand guidelines are designed to provide your brand with consistency and flexibility. These guidelines will include elements such as, correct color codes, specific fonts, a color palette and different versions of your logo.

When creating your brand style guide, be sure to include these six essential elements:

  • Brand story – introduce your brand with a simple summary to help others understand how to represent your brand
  • Logo – see how your brand looks in different environments; ensure your logo is used in the way intended through establishing size, space, colors and don’ts
  • Color palette – don’t stray too far from the hues in your logo
  • Typography – use a different font than the one in your logo, but make sure they complement one another
  • Imagery – steer in the right direction for which photos and illustrations are right for your brand; like a mood board
  • Voice – explain which words you like and dislike when talking about your brand

These elements will help ensure that your brand is conveying your mission and creating consistency. Take a look at Brand Guidelines we have created below. These examples are very simple, but hold so much power when it comes to the brands.

Your business is so much more than just the products or services you sell. Make sure your brand is strong and showcases why consumers should choose you over your competitors. Whether your brand style guide is as thick as a novel or a simple one-page sheet; having one will help teach your team how to stay true to your brand.

Need help creating your business’s brand guidelines? Give us a call today at 618-526-1600 and we will make sure your brand is one to remember!


Brand Guidelines flyers