Common Graphic Design Mistakes

Graphic Design is a vital part of your brand. Without a clear, cohesive design, your business can get overlooked and pushed aside in favor of your competition. When finding your business’s look through graphic design, there are many dos and many don’ts. Let’s take a look into a few common graphic design mistakes to avoid…

Too Many Fonts

Fonts are a fun way to express your business’s personality, but too many font can confuse the eye and cause viewers to lose interest very quickly. Always stick to one or two fonts that compliment one another.

Using Too Many Stock Images

While stock images are helpful and an affordable option, too many on your website or in your project can look unprofessional or cheap. Keep in mind that stock photos are used over and over again by thousands of businesses, which can be a dead giveaway that you are using stock images. If you do choose to use stock photos, be sure to properly purchase them to avoid watermarks or ones with low resolution. 

Not Proofreading

Always, always, ALWAYS be checking over your spelling and grammar. So many people notice even the smallest error, which can then lead to your business losing credibility. An easy way to avoid this problem is to always get a second and even third pair of eyes to look over your work before you complete it.

Choosing the Wrong Colors

Your brand’s color scheme is so important as it sets the mood and tone for your business. Using colors that clash or don’t properly showcase what you do and who you are makes for an ineffective design. Going too bold can be distracting, but being too blah won’t help you stand out amongst competitors. Your color palette should include both primary and secondary colors and you should always test colors with chosen fonts to make sure that text is legible. 

Overall, have fun with your business’s graphic design pieces and be sure they showcase what you do and who you are!