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Michell Stockmann CEO & Creative Director

Michell Stockmann

CEO & Creative Director

Michell Stockmann is the CEO and Creative Director at TechKnow Solutions, Inc. Known for her elegant and professional approach to design, Michell has developed a reputation for delivering top-notch visual solutions while providing reliable service her clients have come to depend upon. Although her passion is helping small local businesses, over the last few years her company has grown to take on some well-known national clients. Michell’s business mission is to generate long-lasting relationships while finding design solutions for her clients.

Danielle Gilbreth

Web Developer & Project Manager

Danielle (Langhauser) Gilbreth is the Web Developer at TechKnow Solutions, Inc. She is known for her extensive knowledge in web design, social media and mobile app development. Her vast knowledge of marketing and analytic trends makes her an invaluable asset for a diverse group of companies and organizations. Dani’s ultimate goal is to help people get noticed online. If you are in the market for an online specialist, contact Dani today!

Dani Langhauser

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