TechKnow Solutions | Yes, anyone can build you a website… but should they?
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Yes, anyone can build you a website… but should they?

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Yes, anyone can build you a website… but should they?

A professionally designed and maintained website is critical in attracting and converting visitors into customers.  Visitors usually visit your company’s website for a specific reason. They may have been referred to you looking for a specific product or service. Or they possibly found your page with an organic Google search and want to contact you or make a purchase from your e-commerce (online) store.

Each business has different goals, and knowing your ultimate goal can help in the design process of your website to maximize turning visitors into customers.

We are immersed in a highly visual and interactive world. A website has to be visually appealing and exciting to engage and keep your visitor’s attention, but yet has to be functional enough to make it easy for your visitor to find what they’re looking for.  It’s not about tons of pages and lots of clicks – it needs to be efficient.  And if the design and flow isn’t well planned out it could create a frustrating experience for your potential customer and they will just move on to another site.

How many potential clients are you losing because of your website design?

A great website only needs a few simple elements.  It must have a professional and powerful strong message so your site relays information quickly about your business’s products or services.  It needs an engaging and simple user experience.  A website design can generate interest and entice a user to continue browsing your site or encourage them to take the next step and fill out a form or newsletter request.

Professional web design is about creating an experience, not just putting images into a generic template sites on Squarespace or Wix.

Most small businesses don’t need intense database-driven, multi-platform websites. It’s more about giving your customers a feel for your business, as well as explaining what products or services they offer, and relevant contact information. Most businesses don’t have $20,000+ to invest in a new site.  A typical small business website should cost between $4,000-$8,000.

It is critical that a business owner thinks about what their site should ultimately provide for the business. Here’s some questions to think about…

Should it just be a visual resource or catalog of products and services?
Should it answer questions like an extra employee?
Will it collect information from users for marketing purposes?
Does it need an online store?
Is it a product gallery/showcase?
Does it have to get updated frequently?
Do you need landing pages for advertising campaigns?
Is your site performing organically right now?
Do you need help with Google Ranking SEO?

It’s important to recognize that added functionality usually comes with additional costs.

There’s so much more that goes into designing a website other than just making it “look pretty”.  There is much that happens behind the scenes that an amateur designer may miss.  It’s doesn’t make sense to pay for an inexpensive design if it is going to be useless attracting visitors.  Think about it like building a brick and mortar storefront for your business.  You can have the most beautifully designed structure that makes people “oooohhhh” and “aaaaaahhhh” but if it’s put together with inexpensive paper (instead of wood or steel) by an inexperienced contractor and they don’t know to add an open sign to the front window to attract visitors, then you have a pretty useless structure, right?

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